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Eucaluptes Oil 15 ML (AYUSH LICENSED)
Eucaluptes Oil 15 ML (AYUSH LICENSED)
Eucaluptes Oil 15 ML (AYUSH LICENSED)
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Eucaluptes Oil 15 ML (AYUSH LICENSED)

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Steam Inhale with Eucaluptes Oil to stay safe from Cold and Flu

Uses Bullet Points:

  • Relieves Head Ache
  • Relieves Cold and Flu
  • Relieves Sinus
  • Relieves Joint Pains
  • Relieves Back Pain and Neck Pain
  • Antiseptic for Cut Wounds
  • Repels Mosquitoes by applying in the skin
  • Used as Bath Oil
  • Used for Massage therapy and Aromatic sensation
  • Used for Steam Inhaling for relief from cold, flu and sinus
  • Can be used in the Mask for Infection free Breathing

Size of the Product:  8 cm X 3 cm X 3 cm


Shelf Life (Expiry): 2 years


Brand: R.S. Pathy Marunthu Naturo (Registered)


Manufacturer: R.S. Patthys & Co., 5/110, Kottaimedu Main Road, Kallanai Village, Vadipatti TK, Madurai – 625501.


Product Category: Ayurveda Medicine


Ingredients: Nilgiri Ka Tel – 18.28%, Karpura – 1.47 %, Yavani – 0.25% (Natural Ingredients)


Key Information: AYUSH Licensed and GMP WHO Certified


HSN CODE: 30049011






Product weight:  54 g


    Detailed Usage Methods:

    Head Ache: Just take five drops of EUCALUPTES OIL in your hand and rub smoothly on your forehead to get relief from Head Ache.

    Body Pain: Any pain due to physical Stress can be relieved by applying EUCALUPTES OIL on the painful areas. Pour few drops in hot water bucket and take bath for best results to relieve body pains

    Wound/Inflammation: Apply this medicine in affected area of pain or wounds as and when required by using a bandage cloths. It will heal the wound or inflammation.

    Cold/Cough: Apply EUCALUPTES OIL medicine in forehead, chest and nose rub smoothly to get relief from cold and cough. Steam inhale with EUCALUPTES OIL for best relief from cold. Mix EUCALUPTES OIL three drops with one drop of coconut oil rub smoothly twice a day on the nose or chest to get relief

    Knee Pain/Joint Pain: Any kind of knee or joint pain will be relieved by applying the EUCALUPTES OIL in and painful area and rub smoothly. After applying the EUCALUPTES OIL you can massage the place with hot water soaked cloth for better results

    Toothache: Swelling due to tooth ache will be relieved when four to five drops rubbed smoothly in the affected areas.

    Nose block: Apply few drops on nose rub smoothly to clear nose block.

    Sinus: For severe sinus apply few drops of EUCALUPTES OIL in the hot water bowl and inhale the penetrating vapor by covering the body with a thick blanket. This will give immediate relief from sinus.

    Insects/Mosquitoes Repellent: EUCALUPTES OIL Drives away all insects especially mosquitoes in the bed room and can also be applied in legs, heads and body to avoid mosquito bite.

    Cut/Injury: For cuts and injury this medicine act as a Natural antibiotic to protect the wound from developing. Few drops can be applied to the affected areas as and whenever required.

    Feel Good Freshens: Aroma from EUCALUPTES OIL creates freshness in the sick room if sprinkled around the bed

    Bath Oil: Pour Few Drops of EUCALUPTES OIL in the hot bucket of water and bath to start your day refreshing and fragrance.

    Steam Inhalation: Protect your precious Lungs by steam inhaling twice a day with EUCALUPTES OIL (Since 1909)

    Step 1: Pour few drops of EUCALUPTES OIL in a boiling water

    Step 2: Cover yourself with a towel and face exposed to the steam from the vessel (Close your eyes during this stage)

    Step3: Keep inhaling to feel the warmth relief and enjoy doing it every day

    Use with your MASK: Before wearing your MASK, Pour Few Drops of EUCALUPTES OIL in the Mask and use it. You breathe the EUCALUPTES OIL which prevents any infections.