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Eucaluptes Oil

Eucaluptes Oil

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  • Relieves Head Ache / Sinus
  • Relieves Cold / Running Nose / Flu
  • Relieves Back Pain / Body Pain / Joint Pain
  • Used as Bath Oil, Steam Inhaler
  • Used for Massage Therapy

How to Use:

Headache: Apply in your Fore Head and Gently Rub. Or Steam inhale with few drops of R.S. Pathy Naturo in Hot Water Vessel and cover with a blanket and inhale to have the best results.

Cold: Apply in the Nose and Chest (Front and Back) for relief of Cold and Flu. 

Pains: Apply in the painful areas (Back, Neck, Joints etc.,) and rub gently. You can also apply our product in hot water soaked cloth wrap aroung the painful areas.

Bath Oil: Pour Few Drops of our product in hot water bucket and bath to relieve tiredness in the body and give a fresh feel to start your day.

Steam-inhale: Has best results with Steam bath

Massage therapy: Will give you best results